Bai Tap Ve Subject And Verb Agreement

Bai Tap Ve Subject And Verb Agreement

III. Specify the good times and the form of the verbs in parentheses: 26. The proportions of poisoning…………. subject to this. VI. In each of the following sentences, put the verb in parentheses in the right form: 4. Combined themes – A car and a bicycle are my means of transport. – Intrusion and entry are against the law. – The Bed and Breakfast was lovely.

Content – Rule of thumb: Sing-sing, plu-plu – rule 1: Preposition phrases – rule 2: or, or even – rule 3: neither… nor – Rule 4: Combined Topics – Rule 5: Virgule – Parenthesis – Rule 6: Here – es – Rule 7: Units of Time and Money – Rule 8: Quantifiers – Rule 9: Subjunctive – Rule 10: Subjunctive 5. Every student……. The first three questions were asked. . 16. The image of the soldiers………. a lot of memories back. Question 36: A pack of wild dogs…………

All ducks leave 24. Mr. John, accompanied by several members of the Committee,………. . The Rights of the Order Committee has proposed changes to the rules. `ng t`theo danh t`trong me`nh. Question 14: Each of the residents of this community………… Responsible for the cleanliness of this park.

Three years is a long wait. Khi chu ngé la 1 `t`t`n`n`h: everyone, everyone, someone, everyone, everyone, neither, nor, nor anything,…. Zb.. Céc tr`ng`ng` The fighter s? gi i thi`u u v i b`n`n`ng`ng lo`ng t`??c biét nh`th`n`o theo nhng ng lo`i ch`nkhéc nhau ?? b`n`n`hi?u r`h`n khi h`c ng`p. Question 15: Everything is better than going to the movies tonight. 5. Comma – Brackets – The politician, with the assistant, arrives soon. – Excitement, as well as nervousness, is the cause of his agitation. – Joe (and his friends) was always cheerful. 2.

David, like his friends, ………… Collect old papers for recycling. The ch? s`i`ng `i v`danh t`et, `ng t`theo sau s? chia`t. Question 1: Each of you……… Part of the work. ? SINCE ? Qué Kha 15. The plan as well as the proposals…………. The Committee on Eastern Europe will be presented at the next meeting on Monday. . 5 a.m.

S1 – de/ and/ with/ with/ in addition with/ no less than `S2 ` >.g. t`ho` h`p`i S1. Question 26: A number of workers… since last month, he has asked for an increase. Ex: The mayor and his councillors refuse to approve the bill. . 29. The use of credit cards instead of cash…………. In recent years, growth has accelerated.